‚ÄčEmail List Verification That Delivers for You!


We Remove Hard Bounces and Email Traps from Your Email Lists


Email Verification

0 - 250k

$ 0.01 /email


250k - 500k

$ 0.008 /email


500k - 1mm

$ 0.006 /email


1mm - 2mm

$ 0.005 /email

Yes! Exchangemail provides the campaign management platform, but you’ll need to connect to an ESP, SMTP Relay, or MTA, to send emails on the Exchangemail platform. You can use your existing account or we can help create one for you.
As many as you need. Your account is not limited to the amount of ESP's or SMTP. Relays that is connected. Just one restriction - you can only connect to one account on a specific ESP. You can have unlimted sub accounts under your main account.
Yes! Exchangemail you can connect your on-premise SMTP Server or Bulk Email MTA. but you’ll need to contact your account manager to see if the SMTP server or MTA is already integrated with the Exchangemail platform.
No. We give our customers complete control over their email marketing operation and educate them on how to have a successful email marketing operation.