Customizable Email Marketing Platform

for High-Volume Delivery

We give you the power to choose your email vendors


All-in-one email marketing front end


Our reporting dashboard provides one user dashboard that aggregates data from various email vendors, giving you the power to optimize results per email provider, geolocation, mobile device, campaign, engagement level and list source. ​


Providing you with the tools you need to manage and control your email marketing network. Make informed decisions across multiple email vendors that improve your inbox placement and customer engagement.







You don’t need to be a technical person to send emails!


Once you have bought a license for a domain name we will give you access to the pre-installed hosted application and start sending email.


Our team will setup your domain name on Exchangemail DNS Service, with domain verification, DKIM and SPF records. Our support team will employ successful deployment and integration of Bounce and Complaint handling with your email delivery vendors.







Fully featured advanced cloud front end


Enterprise features to give you the tools to run your email marketing. Offering a robust feature set, drag-n-drop email builder, repeating campaigns, campaign management, list management, segmentation, behavioral targeting, autoresponders, A/B testing. Analytics, track unlimited customer data, trigger instant messages, real-time reports, lead generation tools, and more... ​


Send the right message, to the right person, at the right time. Maximize your conversion rates with highly targeted, instant emails. Setup detailed emailing rules based on the rulesets created for user data from your website or application.







Multiple email vendor routing


Our platform allows users to route emails through different email vendors simultaneously. You can create triggers based on email providers, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL and route emails with a certain provider through a specific delivery vendor.


​For example, if you have discovered that you get much better Outlook deliverability with Mailchimp vs Amazon SES, you can send all Gmail domain emails through that provider







Email audience and engagement routing


You can also route your campaigns by target audience and classification. Create routes based on email engagement type, customer engagement level and more. For example, send transactional emails with a cost-effective email vendor such as Amazon SES and promotional emails with Socket Labs, to significantly cut costs.


Email your most loyal and engaged customers with one email vendor, and keep separate your activity with less engaged customer messaging by using a different email vendor, making sure you maintain the highest email delivery available.







Email vendor optimization automation


During setup we can consult with you to decide on the best email vendor combination customized for your specific needs. You can continuously test different routing options and get full visibility by comparing open and click rates by email vendor’s inbox placement.


You can create rules which will automatically route the emails based on the last list delivery that will automatically route your mail to the optimized email vendor for that specific email provider.




Scalable On-demand


Give your email operation instant growth scalability and flexibility.


Advanced Platform


Fully manage and control every aspect of your email marketing operation.


Complete Control


Take control back of your email marketing operation with multi-delivery vendors.


One User Dashboard


Manage multiple email delivery vendors from one user dashboard


Multi-Vendors email


Optimize deliverability with multiple email delivery vendors at the same time.


Lower Costs


Choose a cost-effective provider for your specific campaign requirements.

We Give You the Tools to Send Better Email

Drag & Drop Email Builder

Create responsive emails and landing pages without designers or coding. Drag & drop elements, upload images, select colors and fonts to match your brand.

Real-Time Event List Builder

Build real-time event lists based on forms, surveys, CRM, email activity, device type, response category, and engagement       level.

Event Trigger Automation

Configure email automation and send relevant event (time or action based) messages. to welcome, confirm, thank, inform, or follow up.

Email Delivery Provider

Route emails to any email delivery provider (ESP, SMTP Relays, MTA) or sub accounts within a specific email delivery provider at the same time .

Email Reputation

Optimize inbox placement based on email reputation by email delivery provider. Route emails based on a specific user, campaign, list or sender.

Custom Email Routing

Build email routing profiles for user accounts based on single or double opt-in status, success status, bounce rate, fbl rate or last event date.



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